Вярнуцца: Гісторыя навукі

Avilin Cimafej. Běloruské pověsti a legendy o skvrnách na Měsíci Авілін Ц.В. Этыялагічныя легенды аб плямах на Месяцы

Аўтар: Avilin Cimafej,
Дадана: 28-07-2011,
Крыніца: ČESKÝ LID 98, 2011, 2. P. 173 - 190.


Belorussian legends about Moon spots Abstrakt: This article is focused on research of interaction and interpenetration of Christian and archaic mythologies and revealing of beliefs’ traits of another folks in the etiological legends concerning Moon spots. To solve this problem the following issues are considered to systematization and classifi cation of the complex of etiological legends concerning Moon spots; detection of archaic origins and Christian elements presented in the Moon spots legends; comparative analysis of Belorussian Moon spots legends with such legends of other folks to show genesis and relations of some legends. We used for analysis this sources: ethnographic material from the 19th and 20th century, digital Polesie archive, “field” - materials collected by the author and another researchers in 2005–2008. As a result we show that some Moon spots legends could migrate to Belorussia region from Poland, Russia and Lithuania. Also archaic origins in the legends were revealed.

Key words: Belorussian folklore, Slavonic folklore, folk legend, Moon, Moon spots, fratricide.

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