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Yazep Drazdovich   

Vazep Drazdovich Vazep Drazdovich (01.10.1888 - 15.8.1954) is a remarkable figure in Belarusian culture of the first half of the 20th century. A talented painter and graphic, remarkable master of the plastic, decorative and applied arts, writer, poet, teacher, ethnographer, archeologist, and folklorist - he was able to show himself in the every of the named field. Sources of his art arc to be found in Belarusian traditional popular attitude to the world. Yazep Narlsyzavich Drazdovich was born on October 1, 1888 in the family of an impoverished nobleman in the farmstead of Punki, Dzisna District, Vilnya Region. The primarv education he got in Dzisna and later in 1906-10 studied at the professor I. Trutnev's painting school in Vilnya. The formation of Yazep Drazdovich as an artist and his first steps in art were in the time of the Belarusian Cultural Renaissance and the years of Belarusian national idea gaining its strength. The young man had just got demobilized from the long 7-year service in the Russian army and returned from the First World War. It was the verv time on the eve of the renewal of Belarusian statehood (proclamation of the Belarusian Democratic Republic on March 25. 1918). Yazep Drazdovich was one of the first who began to develop historic theme in Belarusian fine arts, the author of the first works about the Belarusian scholar and pioneer of printing Frantsishak Skaryna. He is also known as a founder of fantastic-space theme in Belarusian art (painting and graphic series "Life on the Saturn", "Life on the Mars", "Life on the Moon", and others). Allegorical and symbolic themes also take a considerable place in Yazep Drazdovich's creation. As a result of his innumerable walks throughout Belarus and studies of national architec- ture, architectural monuments and culture as a whole, graphic scries and the albums "W'ilnya". "Troki", "Medniki", "Kreva', "Halshany", "Lida", "Navahradak", "Mir", "Liubcha", "Hlybokaye". and others appeared. The interests of Yazep Drazdovich were diverse. His deep attention to the history and culture of Belarus led to scientific investigations. Thus, the painter took part in some archeological excavations. During numerous ethnographic expeditions he studied and noted Belarusian folklore and dialect peculiarities. Yazep Drazdovich contributed to the Ivan Lutskievich Vilnya Belarusian Museum and the Belarusian Academy of Sciences in Minsk as well. Besides, the author showed himself extremely fruitful and a fine master of applied arts in such a peculiar field of decorative arts as painted carpets where his knowledge of national traditions can be clearly seen. Nowadays Yazep Drazdovich's art works are kept at the National Museum of the Lithuanian Republic, at the National Museum of History and Culture of Belarus, at the National Art Museum of Belarus, at the Museum of Old Belarusian Culture at the NASc of Belarus, at the Yakub Kolas Literary Museum, at the Yakub Kolas Central Scientific Library of the NASc of Belarus, at other regional museums in Belarus, and in some private collections.
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